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The biodegradability of 'Clean-ALL' was evaluated by using the techniques described in the paper by Robert L. Bunch and Cecil W. Chambers, Journal of Water pollution Control Federation 39, 181, 1967.

The material was compared against a standard solution of linear dodecylbenzene sulfonate. Both samples were compared at a concentration of 20 ppm using B.O.D dilution water containing yeast extract and inoculated with sewage. The flasks were sub cultured for three one-week periods to assure that the organisms' were acclimated to the compounds.

The degradation of the dodecylbenzene sulfonate was determined by the usual methylene blue test - the degradability of 'Clean-ALL' was measured using the cobalt thiocyanate procedures.

Test Results: Degraded in 7 Days:

Linear dodecylbenzene sulfonate 99%
Clean-ALL' 99%


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