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The basic formula is protected as a trade secret. "Clean All is a proprietary blend of plant extracts which include corn, soy, onion, vegetable based fatty acids, tree oils and water.

Physical Properties of 'Clean-All'

Appearance: Homogenous Blend
Color: Amber
pH: 10.3 - 10.5
Odor: Mild & Pleasant
Viscosity: 110 cps
Flash Point: None
Boiling Point: 200 F
Toxicity: None
Insoluble Matter: 0.065%
Vapor Pressure @ 20 C: 17.0mm
Vapor Density (Air = 1): 0.62
Water solubility: 99.935%
Specific Gravity (wt/gal): 8.6
% Volatile by Volume: None
Surface Tension (dynes/cm @25 C): 29.5
Evaporation rate (Butyl acetate = 1): 0.7
Arsenic: None
Borate: None
Boron: None
Caustic: None
Chlorine: None
Cresol: None
a. Proteolytic None
b. Lipolytic None
Amylolytic None
Nitrate: None
N T A: None
Petroleum solvent: None
Phenol: None
Phosphates (PO4) : None
Silicates: None
Sulfates (SO4): None
Halogen: None

U.S.D.A. Acceptance

'Clean-ALL' is accepted by the United States Department of Agriculture as a general cleaning agent, or for use with steam or mechanical cleaning devices in all departments of official establishments operating under Federal meat, poultry, shell egg grading, and egg products inspection programs.




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USDA Letter


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