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** Clean-All may cause discoloration on untreated aluminum ,meaning aluminum that is not anodized or not coated. Most Aluminum on the market has been anodized or treated which our product will clean effectively without discoloration **


Product Use Information for: Automotive Industry


Spray to cover engine, then let sit 20 minutes. Rinse with high-pressure water. Same procedure can also be used for truck wheels (non-aluminum), and dirty undercarriages.

Car or Truck Wash:

Use 'Clean-ALL' solution for cleaning cars and truck cabs. This provides an excellent shampoo that rinses streaks and spot free.

Hand Cleaner:

It is exceptional as a hand cleaner for mechanics and for any persons whose hands get extremely dirty or stained. 'Clean-ALL' leaves the skin clean and soft. It is biodegradable and completely people safe and earth friendly.

Concrete Wash:

Spray 'Clean-ALL' on driveways or concrete areas with greasy, oily spills. Let sit for 10 to 15 minutes then agitate with broom or scrub brush. Wash away with water.


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