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Effectiveness on E. Coli


'Clean-All' COLLOID & its effectiveness against E. Coli

Recent tests were conducted to determine the effectiveness of 'Clean-ALL' Colloid against Escherichia coli (E. Coli) bacteria.

Tests were conducted over a 24hour period by ABC Research Corporation, a food-testing laboratory, in Gainsville, FL.

Pure Life E. Coli

1) Counts expressed as CFU (colony forming units/ml).
2) Log Resolution = (log count of initial inoculum) - (log count of subject survivors).
3) The MBC (i.e., at least 3-log or 99.9% reduction) was at a 1:48 dilution of the antimicrobial.

The dilution rate of 1:48 (1 part 'Clean-ALL' to 48 parts water) provided the most efficient results, reducing the E. coli bacteria 99.998%.


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