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Effectiveness on E. Coli

** Clean-All may cause discoloration on untreated aluminum ,meaning aluminum that is not anodized or not coated. Most Aluminum on the market has been anodized or treated which our product will clean effectively without discoloration**


Product Use Information for: Machine Shops


'Clean-ALL' can be used as a lubricant to increase the life and efficiency of metal cutting saws. For example, when used as a lubricant in cutting titanium and cold rolled steel, the "splash action" alone will result in a self-cleaning saw blade, with the added advantage of elimination of rust formation. Cleaner cuts will be obtained and saw teeth will remain relatively chip free.

'Clean-ALL' can also be used as a lubricant/coolant in tapping blind holes in magnesium. Use as a lubricant for boring precision holes in aluminum sand castings, 'Clean-ALL' will produce cleaner, smoother, fine-finish holes.

Research has shown that because of bacteria growth in cutting fluids, corrosion actually begins on parts while they are being formed on the machines. Furthermore, bacteria reduce the life span of cutting tools by as much as 40%. Since 'Clean-ALL' is bacteriostatic in nature, it greatly reduces the occurrence of bacteria, consequently solving many of the associated problems.


'Clean-ALL' is also an effective coolant for threading stainless steel pipes. This will normally reduce overheating and help prevent dies from wearing out or burning up quickly.

Cleaner / Degreaser:

Heavy Cleaning (greasy areas)

Use for cleaning oily, greasy areas or any requiring heavy duty cleaning. Spray with 'Clean-ALL' and let sit 5 - 10 minutes then rinse with water.

General Cleaning

General Purpose Cleaning.



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