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Pure Life 'Clean-All' Product Information

Machine Shops

Oil and Gas Industry

Automotive Industry

Restaurant Industry

Effectiveness on E. Coli

** Clean-All may cause discoloration on untreated aluminum ,meaning aluminum that is not anodized or not coated. Most Aluminum on the market has been anodized or treated which our product will clean effectively without discoloration**


Product Use Information for: Oil and Gas Industry

Cleaner / Degreaser:

Heavy cleaning (greasy areas)

Use for cleaning oily, greasy areas or any areas requiring heavy duty cleaning. Spray with 'Clean-ALL' and let sit for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse with water.

General Cleaning

General purpose cleaning for walls, counters, cabinets, and fixtures.

Floor Cleaner:

'Clean-ALL' can also be used in industrial floor scrubbing machines. 'Clean-ALL' will remove oil, grease, dirt, and many more types of soil. If floors are extremely dirty, a stronger dosage of 'Clean-ALL' may have to be used the first time, then a regular dosage from then after.

Hand Cleaner:

Use 'Clean-ALL' full strength. 'Clean-ALL' leaves the skin clean and soft. It is biodegradable and completely people safe and earth friendly.

Effects of Clean-ALL on Oil

When Clean-ALL is sprayed on an oil spill, the initial effect is to break up the oil on the surface of the water with the pressure spray. Once the droplets of Clean-ALL dilution have broken the surface tension of the oil, the product can begin its work of breaking down the oil. The product will change the molecular structure of the oil so that it loses its identity as an oil and becomes water soluble. Once this has taken place, the product will disperse soluble oil solution throughout the water available to it. Once the dispersion process has begun, the product will then start to biodegrade the entire emulsion into what we believe is dissolved oxygen and nitrates. The biodegradation process will continue until the entire emulsion has biodegraded. This process can take from ten (10) days up to and beyond forty-five (45) days depending on several factors. The factors that determine the length of time for biodegradation are type or oil, grade of oil, additives that were in the oil, specific gravity of the oil, etc.


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