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Effectiveness on E. Coli

** Clean-All may cause discoloration on untreated aluminum ,meaning aluminum that is not anodized or not coated. Most Aluminum on the market has been anodized or treated which our product will clean effectively without discoloration**


Product Use Information for: Restaurant Industry

Hood Cleaner:

For ventilators over food preparation areas, such as Gaylord, Ventroguard and others, 'Clean-ALL' will perform a superior job of cleaning and will also reduce the potential of fire and prevent the clogging and scaling of tubes, valves and pumps within the hood itself.
Stir mixture thoroughly and pour into detergent tank. Be sure to place suction tube back into the tank after filling. This mixture will degrease the accumulation on the interior surfaces, which will be washed away during the wash cycle

Fry Vats:

Drain oil from vat. Add water to vat and fill too slightly above normal oil level. Add 'Clean-ALL' to water and bring to slow rolling boil. Allow to boil for 15 minutes. Inspect vat for areas where carbon deposits may still be adhering. Rub these areas lightly with grill pad to dislodge. Drain and rinse with water.


Cool grill to 200F. Scrape off excess grease. Pour a few ounces of 'Clean-ALL' in erratic pattern over grill. With scraper, distribute product more evenly over the surface. Scrub and wash down with water and wipe off with towel.

Filter Cleaning:

Remove filters and place in sink. Pour a few ounces of 'Clean-ALL' onto filter in random pattern. Fill sink with hot water to cover filters and allow to soak for 5-10 minutes. Lift with hook and lightly brush both sides with bristle brush and replace in hot solution. Soak 5-10 more minutes. Lift with hook and rinse both sides with hot water, then stand on end and allow to drain.

Drain Cleaner:

Pour into floor drain in the kitchen, including the ventilator drain.

'Clean-ALL' will be effective gradually. Perform above procedure every night for 1 week, then twice a week thereafter. This will help prevent the accumulation of grease in the drain lines and also reduce odor.


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