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Jason Glass Picture

Team Jason Glass uses nothing but Clean All!!

This product is natural & will serve many needs. We use Clean All for the following:
-Horse mosquito repellent
-Horse soap (needs deluted  3/1 with water)
-Cleans a Motor spotless
-Cleans our house, including dishes, and walls
-Great for toilets, separates waste in our septic field
-We use it for everything & nothing but it!

Jason Glass


Kramer Mazda

My name is Mike Tobias and I am a licensed automotive technician at Kramer Mazda. I have been using Pure Life Degreaser for about a year and a half. I prefer Pure Life over the conventional brake clean products as it does not give me headache and has no harsh smells. I use Pure Life for many applications including oil spills, spraying access oil off after an oil change, cleaning brake parts and rotors, and washing my floors. In my line of work I have to wash my hands several times a day and before using Pure Life I had dry and cracked skin, since using this product my hands are never dry.

The product can be used for a variety of applications and works very well. I have found Pure Life to do a much better job and have many more uses then brake cleans and other harmful solvents. I also find that I use less product when using Pure Life as opposed to brake clean; Pure Life foams and spreads out and you can actually see it break through the oils, brake clean has to be sprayed a lot to wash the oil off as it doesn’t break down the oil.

I highly recommend this product as it is safe, non toxic, works very well and has many uses. I will continue to use and recommend Pure Life as long as it is available.


- - -

Independent Consultant

I was at the Calgary Go Green show in the Norwex booth across from you. You had given me a sample of the de greasing product and I love it! Is it available in stores yet? If so where would I find it and what is it called so I can purchase some more. It compliments my cleaning line fabulously. Just makes cleaning the grease on the stove or grill so much easier!


- - -

Heavy Industry: Jomax Drilling Ltd.

In the summer of 2009 we had the opportunity to field test the Pure Life Clean-All Heavy Duty Degreaser on one of our drilling rig components.

The draworks is a unit that is heavily exposed to grease and oils. Before a complete overhaul, the unit was sprayed with Clean-All Heavy Duty Degreaser and allowed to work according to the application specifications. The results were an effortless clean up with overwhelming results.

We have since supplied all of our working drilling rigs with the Clean-All Heavy Duty Degreaser and have had positive feedback from the field. In their words “it works”. Knowing also that this Clean-All Heavy Duty Degreaser is an Environmentally Friendly product, makes its use that much more valuable to our company.

Jomax Drilling intends to continue to use the Pure Life degreaser.


- - -

Small business: Metro Urban Hair Salon

“I have been working in the salon business for over 9 years and I have never used such a versatile product before.

I was absolutely amazed that PLE’s product could handle most of my cleaning and color removal needs. I have been using the product for almost 6 months now and I use it for everything from cleaning my station to removing color from skin, sinks and countertops.

I had a client come in for a haircut and she had used store bought color to color her hair. As in most cases when me clients do this, they almost always have color run to their neck or forehead leaving noticeable stains. She had colored her hair over a week ago and to no avail, she could not get the color stain off of her neck.  I grabbed my bottle of PLE, sprayed a small amount on a towel and in with some gentle rubbing the stain was gone.  She was instantly amazed at how PLE removed the color and did not affect her skin what-so-ever.

I love PLE and so do my clients, many have even asked me for bottles for their own use at home!!!”

Have a Great day,

- - -

Homeowner: Sarah

This is Sarah your waitress from the Deerfoot inn. Just wanted to let you know I did some serious house cleaning with your product.

I cleaned everything with it the kitchen, bathroom, walls, even my hardwood floors (hope that it is safe for wood) I love it. It cleans effortlessly. It made my home shine.

I do not know if I will be able to clean with anything else so you are going to have to let me know when and where I am able to purchase this product.

Thank you,


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